AirBnB Collections

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AirBnB Collections

Airbnb is an online service that matches people seeking vacation rentals and other short-term accommodations with those with rooms to rent, generally private parties that are usually not professional hoteliers. Since I am a huge fan and user of other social network platforms – such as and – I like this service a lot, too.

I like the story about how this business started in 2008 – about how the founders who were unable to pay their rent and offered part of their loft as accommodations to some visitors in San Francisco. I also like the social idea behind it and that you may can meet like-minded people, similar to couchsurfing. Although, there are those travels, where I also enjoy to have at least a little bit of privacy and my own schedule. And here Airbnb is a great alternative to a hotel. As you pay for the accommodation, you are really much more flexibile to plan your own things and not feel responsible to hang out with your hosts all the time.

When you explore airbnb (and you will probably search by location, which you want visit) you will see that accomodation vary from $10 a night for a futon in Brooklyn to $5,000 a night for a 6,500-square-foot (600 m2) modern vacation mansion in Squaw Valley, California.

BUT another inspiring and fun way to search their offers is to go through that interesting collections they have listed. There are collections about hip places in some trendy city destinations – such as New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, etc. And then there are these very unique places, sorted by different topics – such as “Trees & Zzzs”, “Planes, Trains & Automobile”, “Smells Like Eames Spirit” or “It Yurts So Good”. Just to mention a few, which I find very interesting.

Here are some inspiring collections and neighborhood guides:

And last but not least I want to advise, that you better read the reviews for each place you are interested in.Smells Like Eames SpiritDue to the fact that types of accommodation and locations vary so much, I can just recommend to always read the fine print and to look through all information you can get for one location. Some locations mean that the offer just contains a private room, others the whole apartment or house. Some hosts offer extras such as breakfast or laundry service and others do not even provide linen or towels.




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    The most important elements in Airbnb statement are: trust, world coverage, in any device, diversity, travel experience, at any price, great costumer service, and growth. This is what defines Airbnb in a nutshell.


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