Around the world

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Around the world

My passion is travelling and I am lucky that I could visit more than 30 countries already.
When I am travelling I also like to follow my hobby photography, although I am still thinking that the best pictures are the ones you have in your head.

Anyway I like to share my experiences with you. And of course to illustrate these travel experiences pictures do help a lot.

In 2003, I joined the Social Network Website and I met many people all over the world. A few of them I can call my friends since years. Another reason, why I am absolutely addicted to the internet and its platforms.

Another nice experience was to join Here I also met great people and I found my love in 2008 in the USA. And now I live with my boyfriend Richard in NYC.

As you see on the picture “I climb the tree”. I remember doing this as a kid and I just learned that there is a whole wikipedia article for it:

“Children commonly climb trees for play without the use of equipment.”

And so did I. It is always good not to be scared and to try new things, but be patient and thoughtful. And that is how you experience wonderful time while travelling and getting to know new cultures and people.


  1. Paul
    January 14, 2012

    Well, that only leaves 166 to go. But you have time. And thanks for spending time with us in NYC. I know you and Rich are jonesing to roll on but we’ve enjoyed the time you’ve shared with us.

    • hundertmorgen
      January 27, 2012

      I like your comment a lot!


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